From the very beginning,
we promised to do things differently

We are obsessed with creating value for our clients – we will radically simplify everything that gets in the way of achieving this goal. Because it’s only by asking the right questions that we can find better answers.

When others went large, we went small.
Like you, we’re frustrated with the old school know-it-all and do-it-all giants obsessed by volume. So instead of making small assignments big, and big assignments even bigger, we’re focused on what really matters. Quality.

It’s easy to put CRM on autopilot. We prefer to stay curious, questioning received best practice wisdom and always – always – questioning our own thinking.
If you’re lost in the Salesforce Jungle, or you just need a better path, let’s talk.

All about Salesforce

Salesforce is great. Seriously, we love it. But we also know it can be confusing – and that once they’ve bought it, many people simply don’t know how to make the most of it. That’s why we’re here.

While Salesforce puts customers at the heart of your business, we put your business at the heart of Salesforce. We’ll show you how to get more scalability, more flexibility, more collaboration, more savings. More everything.

Your CRM, unlocked

Monfido helps leading organisations tackle their most difficult strategic challenges. We’ll help you with the complex, the unknown, and the worthwhile.

Our team are the people you need to create, scale, implement and adapt apps, solutions and more which meet the needs of your business and your customers.

We’ll offer you the support you need to go live and stay live, today and for the future.

We both know your business can get more from Salesforce. We’re the people who can make it happen.

So let’s talk.

Obsessed by impact

We’re a bunch of curious nerds who have worked in a vast range of industries, sectors and disciplines. What unites us is our love of problems and our belief in the power of collaboration.

We combine the wisdom of yesterday with a passion for tomorrow.

If you want to join a fast paced, challenging team of industry experts, look no further than Monfido. We’re a rapidly growing team, excited to welcome new talent.

We’re going places. And we’d like you to join us.

We’re part of
something bigger

We are part of an alliance of independent niche consultancy experts with individual perspectives and offers, united by a shared belief in a new way of management consulting.

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